The Duck will let you in!

The duck will let you in!

I was in Brisbane at a Youth Hostel and needed to leave my luggage for around 5-6 hours on check out day. Which is quite normal for any hotel/hostel.

They said I could leave it in the luggage room and they pointed to a room to my left just behind the counter and said “the duck will let you in” seemed like a secret password / code word I had to use, but when I looked behind the counter I saw nobody to give this info to.

I was a little puzzled to say at the least, so came back into reception and looked around for a member of staff to help me. No one was around, seemed a bit strange. OK I said I will have to ask the reciting again about the phrase she used “the duck will let you in” I ask he and she points to a very large oversize bath type duck and around him was a pass key, I burst out laughing and thinks to myself how many others have been caught out the same way when storing their luggage ?

Don’t believe me here is a pic, I was giggling at this for most of the day and had to share it with you.

The Duck will let you in

Now if you are a hostel/hotel owner perhaps you could do something similar when a persons asks to use your luggage room! It might make a few people smile and make their day.


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