Pokahara Nepal – Tranquility after Holi in Katmandu.

After the Holi Festival in Katmandu, which was amazing, noisy and fun, I needed to find a place that was a little quieter than Katmandu, I was told that Pokhara a 7 hour mountain bus ride for $7 was in order. So I booked the ticket and left the mayhem of Katmandu for quieter pace of life for around a week.

Yes Pokhara lived up to its name and situated on the side of the lake, it was peace and tranquility all the way. The pace of life was slow and wonderful.

On my second day I ventured into town and found it to be quite modern and like a normal lake side town, with one exception A few cows were quite happily strolling down the main street as if they owned it, well as the Nepalese are Hindu the cow is a sacred animal and can do what ever it wants and I am sure they know that.  I also sat down on a bench at the other end of town and a cow causally came down to site next to me, just like a cat or dog would do in the western world, except this is a large fully grown cow without a care in the world.

Even on the banks of the lake, there was minimal chat between people, just taking in the nice scenery as the sun set over the river.  I think the only real noise I could hear was of children playing in the field behind me and a man at the shore line mending his boat with a hammer.

I was certainly refreshed after my stay in Pokhara, the only downside was the return 8 hour journey through the mountains, but the scenery was good, but 8 hrs in a bus not so.  Just long, hot and bouncing up and down on the mountain roads, no motorway here!.

More photographs can be found at https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/index/G0000TqTU9DdqoG0


Man Mending his boat on the lake side

Breakfast view

Yes a cow in the High Street

Boats ready for hire on Lake Pokhara

Sunset on Lake Pokhara

Sunset on Lake Pokhara

More cows in the road


Mountain view with boats ready for hire

Parasailing down from the mountains





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