Photography Tips, lesson and how to set up a photo business

I am in the process of setting up some tip and lessons for photography that will go on my web site in the next month or so.

The tips will cover and include beginners, more advanced information. Most will be free, some via a subscription model.

– Newsletter
– Live from the field as I am a traveling photographer and want to share my tips with you as I take them.
– Software what to use,
– Raw vs Jpeg
– General camera settings
– What to take with you on a trip
– What lenses
– Tripods, flash etc
– Assignments what you can do.
– Smartphone photography
– How to set up a business (not the usual mumbo jumbo, but real practical help together with private consultations advice in various aspects of this.
– Ideas and examples of photographs you can enjoying taking
– Photo courses both online and in the field (new for 2018 in and around Asia).

This is just a short list of what I am preparing, come over and subscribe to my newsletter on this site that will be coming out in early November and watch this page for small snippets to what is happening.

So what are you waiting for?, come and join my site for all things photography related in the field and life of a traveling photographer.

Any questions please email me through here, or my web site




Nomadic travel photographer, Have camera will travel and currently in Asia for 5 months and next stop South America Month 6 onwards of 2017.

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