Plastics in our Ocean ARGGGGH


OK, Playtime is over from my trip around the world, well I will still travel around and post some photograph, but my photography will now shift a little from nice images e.g. Sunsets, landscapes etc to one of the Environment, with an emphasis of plastics and rubbish in our oceans, kindly left there by mankind all over the world.

So I am looking for project that needs a photographer, who has a passion about protecting our oceans, waterways in fact anything that we can stop plastics from entering the food chain.  I am up for any challenge, so if you are a company, individual or environmental organization, please get in contact with me to discuss details.  I do have plans for the rest of the year, but these can be changed and as of the 2nd week of January I do not have any plans, so buy me a plane ticket and I will be there to help document the plight of mother earth.

My  environmental gallery of photographs I have already produced can be found at


Please re post this this , tweet it, or do a Facebook, Linkedin page post about this entry. Anything you can do to help out Oceans/Environment and if you cannot do that, go into to your local park, lake, ocean area and help us clean up.  Or change the way you handle rubbish in your household, and saying it is not my responsibility is not an option, we all have a responsibility to keep this world trash free.  Remember when you are sick again and the Doctors cannot find out why, it’s probably has something to do with the plastics that are in the food we eat or the packaging that holds stores our foods that is leaching toxins silently into YOUR body and making you sick for an unknown reason.

Below are two images of a water way that is clogged by rubbish, each and every country of the world needs to sit up and think about how they deal with their rubbish, as it is their grandchildren and their children who are going to suffer as a result of us now in 2017. So do you really want your future families to be sicker that you are now, and be heavily reliant on drugs, and medical care in the future just because you threw the plastics in the environment and not disposed of them correctly. Better still go waste free, so that nothing bad goes into the environment.  It can be done and needs change at the highest level of manufacture and the willingness of government to enforce a Zero waste policy for EVERY company in the world.  We need big ideas people, so come on lets do this.

If you need any further evidence please watch the film and all I can say is get the tissue ready towards the end of the film, as you will be saddened by what one of the people find in a dead sea bird!!



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