A new job is required for 2018

Dear all on LinkedIn & the Internet, I need a little help in trying to work out what I want to do next year. I still want to travel a lot and take photographs of festivals, environment and watersports, but need some sort of paying job to top up my savings.

So I would like to help out somehow in the reconstruction, Emergency management, Environment areas. I have great organizations skills, Worldwide traveled (29 Counties), Photography/media production , public speaking, training, worked with small and large corporate clients.

Ideally I would like to be based in the world somewhere where I can settle with the correct visa (I have a few no go places) I would like to be warm year round, can work remotely if required.

A new CV that highlights the above will be available shortly Please email me (mchphoto2015 at gmail dot com). I do not mind working for charities/NGO’s etc I was hoping the volunteer work in Nepal would lead to something, but that fell through due to various circumstances.

I am looking for something different to my usual line of work. So any suggestions for the type of work I could do? or suggest web site other than the usual e.g. Engineering, Post office, factory work or the usual indeed, monster and similar job search engines. Think International type jobs for NGO’s/Charities/Corporate clients. Please note I am of an older generation who has over 30 years of real work experience around the world. Yes I do have some qualification, but in reality they are not relevant to today’s market place that I am looking at. My experience is the most valuable asset I have and which a person who is much younger than me does not have. Plus I do not need a calculator to add up and do simple math as I see this every where and I am amazed that the schools allow this to happen.

Could you use my organizational skills & emergency management type and training skills?, however these skills are not backed up by certificates and my many years of experience in lots of fields this is hard to quantify on a CV or to a potential employer as they are not backed up by the requested certificates etc.

Ideally I would like to do something to do with the ocean and it’s plastic pollution problem, or help out communities in need of some kind.  Not that fussy about who, but need to be ethical, sustainability and do some good in what ever community I go into.

Any search terms, pointers to web site that may be of interest would be appreciated. Please note I need a paid position and not volunteer etc.

Regarding blogging this is such a saturated market as is main stream travel photography. I have decided to stop trying to complete with these areas, as I am such a small fish in a very big pond I cannot see a way to gain an audience. However I will be trying to set up a photographic training web site very shortly, but again this is a competitive market to break into.

Thanks in advance and I have added a few photos of the kind of photography I can do, but it is not limited to these fields and I ask you to visit my main web site www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com  or alternatively ask me if you need some kind of photography done on Festivals, travel, environment or water sports e.g. Sailing, Jet-skis, Windsurfers etc. I would be glad to discuss your requirements.




Nomadic travel photographer, Have camera will travel and currently in Asia for 5 months and next stop South America Month 6 onwards of 2017.

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