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I have just uploaded my first environmental photograph to my Instagram feed  I have made a decision that I need to highlight this problem through photographs and videos of what I see as I travel.

The reason is I am fed up of seeing horrible plastics and other bad items in the oceans, lakes rivers etc and if something is not done soon, those nice holiday destinations around the world will slowly disappear under a sea of rubbish which are mainly plastics and other items that are contaminating our water course and that means will be sicker from now on and will slowly die like our wildlife that depends on the oceans, rivers and lakes to survive in our food chain.








These photo (below) shows what happens to plastic bags, dust and over time they become a river bank, but not in a nice way, I have no idea how deep this goes, all it shows it is clogging up the waterway and putting toxic waste into what should be a clean river.  The gray colour is dust as in Kathmandu, the roads are mostly unmade and there is a lot of dust around the place.  So people discard plastic, dust covers this and another layer of plastic goes down and then dust covers it. The we have a river bank of toxic waste on our hands.








So I ask you do you know where you cat goes when it wanders around the neighborhood?  Could it be something like this??







This was a sea of rubbish on a river in the Philippines, and there was enough rubbish there to allow the cats to walk across the river and not get their paws wet!.  Also it clogged the whole river, and when the monsoon rains comes, people wonder why the rivers, and drains cannot cope with this downpour.  Well it is clogged with rubbish, plastic, takeaway cartons and everything else that people just throw away without thinking.  The plastic cups can be found on any beach in the world.

How can you help?  find an organization and get to clean a beach, donate money to a related cause to protect the environment.  Tell all your friends on social media about the problems. Change the way you handle plastics in your every day life.

All the photographs and more can be found where you are available to view, buy and share at  

This gallery is called Environment (Main web site you can find more of my images relating to items in the environment, this gallery will be growing over time, if you wish to use any, please either contact myself or just buy the images for the relevant use.  It is all automated and very easy to use.

I have also done a small video of the problem and you can see this here on YouTube :    


New Year and New Collaborations for 2018

I am also open to collaborations for 2018 in any photographic form either to buy my images of the environment, offer me work to go and get these images/videos, speak about the problem , Please email me for my CV and ask me a question or two.  I am currently based in Asia, but that is very fluid at present as I am looking for a base somewhere. email: michael at imagesfromaroundtheworld dot com



Nomadic travel photographer, Have camera will travel and currently in Asia for 5 months and next stop South America Month 6 onwards of 2017.

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