Rubbish in our Environment

I went down to a river in Nepal, just for a walk and what I found was utterly disgusting and something I had never seen before.  The river banks were not the usual dirt, plants etc, I looked closer and they were layers and layers of plastic bags, and dust as there is a lot of unmade roads here in Nepal.  So the dust settles and over time plastic is layered in top due to mankind not caring about the environment and then another layer of dust.







Yes then there was the usual rubbish of all kinds, mainly plastic in the river


Also on the way from Pokhara to Chitwan we stopped at a bridge area and I found chickens (not unusual) looking for food amongst dirty water and plastic waste.  Then I looked over the edge and down towards the water and found plastic waste, just thrown over the wall and onto the side of the cliff.







The thing is there are bins next to the entrance to the cafe area, but people cannot be bothered to go that extra few feet to at least try and keep the area tidy- WHY are people so stupid and do this?

More photographs from this walk and stop will be available to view at  

Also in this gallery called Environment (Main web site you can find more of my images relating to items in the environment, this gallery will be growing over time, if you wish to use any, please either contact myself or just buy the images for the relevant use.  It is all automated.

I have also done a small video of the problem and you can see this here on YouTube :


New Year and New Collaborations for 2018

I am also open to collaborations for 2018 in any photographic form either to buy my images of the environment, offer me work to go and get these images/videos, speak about the problem , Please email me for my CV and ask me a question or two.  I am currently based in Asia, but that is very fluid at present as I am looking for a base somewhere. email: michael at imagesfromaroundtheworld dot com











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