One year Anniversary of travel

OK this is my 1 year anniversary of traveling little did I know what was going to happen on 8th January 2017 when I stepped on the plane to Singapore . So what I have done??
31 Flights = approx 50,000 Air miles
Visited 9 Countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Jakarta – Indonesia.
What festivals have I seen, Thaipusam,Songkran, Chinese New year, Holi, Diwali, Sydney Vivid etc
How many photographs have I taken approx 40,000 Yes that is Forty Thousand.
I have
1. Met some amazing people,
2. Had a number of great evenings out with some girls (no details are going to be given here),
3. Met a few idiots (whats new here?)
4. Just left 3 hostels for various reasons,
5. Met people who I knew of or a friend of a friend.
6. Seen some amazing scenery
7. Sailed on an America cups boat.
8. Learn’t some new photography techniques from a paid photo walk.
9. Broken 3 suitcases/Bags on the way
10. Not had to claim on my insurance yet!
11. Made contact with some Conservation organizations about my photography, so something will happen in 2018 with them. (they like my photos)
12. Been sick 4 times with chest infections and food poisoning . This is down to frequently travel between different climates, humidity and local bugs in the food we eat etc
13. Had amazing conversations till the early hours of the morning.
14. Only had 2 delays in flight travel (1 hr each)
15. Met a friend (Serena) who I used to work with in KL airport for just over 2 hrs.
Which is my favourite place, I cannot say, as each place has something different, e.g. food, scenery, people and many other factors too many to list
So would I do it all again, YES in a heartbeat. I have no plans to go back to come back to the UK any time soon if at all, why I hear you ask, I am seeing so many new things, having a great time, meeting new people, and experiences. I will settle out here some where. Not sure where yet, but I believe Australia is one country I am leaning towards if I can sort a visa out. So lots of hoops to go through yet with places to visit in 2018. I have not made my list yet, but includes, Hong Kong, Hawaii, San Francisco, to name a few, also the cook islands, Fiji are also on my radar.  As well as my Environmental Photography, please see
So what I have discovered about this year out from normal life, well all those things we worry on a day to say basis back in your home country, get rid of them and as I travel the stress started to disappear within weeks of not being in the UK. I had my blood pressure checked in December and it was the lowest (not dangerous, but lower than normal 130/80) it has ever been the doctor was very happy with this result
What can you take from this. Go TRAVELING it is fun, amazing and life changing, but not just your 2 week holiday take 6 months off or more and enjoy your life, before you cannot. Also watch the film “Downsizing” with Mat Damon and you will know where I am coming from. Or watch the Secret life of Walter Mitty for inspiration.
Sorry it is a long post, it was just going to be facts and it evolved why, my mind is free of clutter and useless items that every day life has given me, this is now a free mind and not a useless mind anymore.
Enjoy 2018 what ever you are doing. Go traveling !!!!!!!
See my Photos from this years travel at  and see why I am doing this, everything expect UK and water sports has been taken this year.  With more to be uploaded soon as I slowly catalogue them

Dewalli in Kathmandu, Nepal

Holi Festival in Katmandu, Nepal




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