Marine Debris

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Just a short note with photos to show you some differences between a clean beach and a dirty polluted beach

Dirty beach at Gordon’s Bay, NSW, Australia

It look Idyllic from the over view shots, but look closer and it is full of plastic pollution















These were taken at Gordon’s, Bay, Just south of Sydney, Australia

Now over in Freemantle, WA, Australia I am not sure why, but the beach and water is very clean, well on the day I visited anyway.  All I saw was natural Seaweed and marine debris the stuff that you would want to find in the water.


So lets try and reduce our plastic consumption, throwaway society and attitude to keeping this planet clean and free from the horrible plastic debris that is will drown us in stuff we have used for less than 5 minutes.  What kind of society does that, we use something for just a few minutes and then throw it away?  You might as well throw your money in the air and let it go on a journey to dumpsville, as it is the same thing.


Why are we throwing money away on all these plastic containers for take away food ???????

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Clean beach at Freemantle, WA, Australia












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