Is this planet an Experiment ?

Well it could be, just like the film and TV series Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxy, and so far we are getting a C grade for our stewardship of the planet.  However the answer is NOT 42 wish it was that simple.

Why only a C- grade?,

Well we are doing somethings right like recycling  electric cars and trying to good things for the planet. But there are too many bad things happening for us to progress up to an B let alone a A grade now.

So how can we get an A?

That is a good question, there needs to be a fundamental shift in attitudes by EVERYONE on the planet – No exceptions, from the poorest, to world leaders and that includes industry which are the main contributor to this problem with all the waste and producing stuff we only use for a few minutes (think packaging cups and take away foods) / days / weeks and if we are lucky a year or 2 before it needs a repair or is completely useless for what ever the item is. So when I was growing up we had things that lasted for many years, and when they failed we would get them fixed and not just throw them away.  TV were repaired by a repair man, Cars a mechanic who could fix 90% at the road side, now it has to be done by a garage and costs you a lot.  I do know technology has come along in leaps and bounds since those days of Valve televisions etc.  However at what cost to the planet?.  When our TV now does not work, it is cheaper to replace it than fix it.  When you see the complexity of it you can sort of understand, BUT why have the TV and other manufacturers made this technology so un-repairable? This is where we are going wrong for starters. The parts should be replaceable with ease, but the repair people now say, go and buy a new one, and recycle the old item what ever it is.  This is a sad state of affairs for the world.

What happens now with the parts that have failed, people are now putting them in the trash and then the local refuse site will find the items (if we are lucky) and send them away to be “recycled” what does this mean, they will try and recover the gold and silver in the components, but what about the rest of items?.  I do not know the answer to that, but from the stories I have seen on TV and in newspapers they are done in less than safe environments and some of the toxic waste that is produced in the manufacture of the item what ever it is, leaks into the local ground water, and more importantly due to the lack of health and safety in these places, the workers are inhaling these toxic chemicals direct into their bodies and will make them sick short and long term. See this link to where your waste may go

I ask the question why are we manufacturing goods with so many toxic chemicals?

What happens if we get a F?

That’s a simple one, we get sick, & everything dies on the planet.

How long will this take, well we had a nice planet just 50-60 plus years ago (before plastics was widely introduced, and electronics started to shrink), so if you work forward from that, we probably have less than 50 years before everything is getting too toxic to live.  So all those science fiction TV programs and movies foretell of environmental disasters if we do not do things correctly.  Are they accurate? Yes I believe so, we only have to look back 5, may be 10 years and look at pollution levels then to now and do some calculations to the growth of the toxicity of the air and work forward 5, 10, 25 years and well the results are there for you to read.

So we now need to change the way we do everything, stop the large multi nationals from making obscene profits from good, then giving a large percentage of their profits to the share holders, but back to the people who have to clear up their mess.  They are passing the problem to us consumers WHY, when they made a product that is so toxic it should NOT really be in our home or lives.  Do I believe we should go back to simpler times, yes.  Then we can try and reset our dependent on technology instead of working together with all people around the world in a humanitarian way, where we can all live in harmony on this planet we call home.

So where are the EMP electromagnetic pulse devices we can let off and destroy all non essential electronics and go back to a simpler time. Whilst not destroying man as it only destroys electronic items (unless you have a pacemaker or similar device fitted).

Come and visit my web site to see just a small fraction of the rubbish that in our every days lives, and is slowly killing us day by day and the worst thing of all it’s silent. Don’t believe me? then ask yourself this question why are you sicker and visit your doctor more often than your grandparents?

The photos and this text (plus I can write more) is available to purchase so I can help the world try and get an A grade ASAP by showing shocking images of what we do to this planet on a daily basis to shock people into action.

I want the world to look like this and not have any rubbish in it, is it possible?

People playing at the water edge at sunset
Sunlight streaming through the trees









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