Which Path will you take?

Well I have finally finished my book, “Which Path will you take”, this is a recap on how I started this wild idea of going round the world taking photographs.  People still think I am mad, stupid, but now after a year out of “Normal life” I am still going strong.

So what made me write this book, well a post in October on Thinking Humanity Facebook page asked the following question:


Share your best advice in 4 words”


Quit Job, Start Traveling

Then we had some negative trolls as usual (less than 10) and a lot of positive ones (132 plus).  People started to question me as how I got to do this trip.  I did answer them as best as I could do on the message board, but that did not satisfy everyone. So the last post for me was I will write a book / guide on how I did it.  The bare bones of it was done before Christmas, and now I have finished it off and is ready to read.

This is my story and the advice is relating to how I set up a photographic stock library, as I travel the world. There is all sorts of advice in the book, on how I set it up.

The book can be downloaded from my web site at this link and cost £4.99 and it is an instant download (well give it a few minutes to process the order and send you a link)

Order here https://goo.gl/DQGTLJ

Please note when you get the confirmation of the order, click on the description pdf file and not the jpeg where it says it ready to download other wise you will get a jpeg of the front cover only and not the whole book which is a 4.7mb PDF file.  This server is more adapt at handling jpegs rather than pdf’s.  Also note as this is a digital download, no refunds or return are available – Sorry.  If the pdf file does not open please drop me a email and I will arrange a replacement as soon as I get the email, Currently in Asia, but that can change quite quickly

Which Path will you take?


The first few paragraphs are here and below is a list of the chapters

This book has come about for a number of reasons and some are listed below and there are some personal which are not.

A post on the Facebook group called “We are Humanity” (October 2017) and someone asked for us to “share your best advice in 4 words” mmmm I thought “Quit Job, Start Traveling”. As that is what I have done. They did not ask for an explanation, just 4 words that may inspire someone else etc.

Then the “internet trolls” / “negative” people came along and said

Where’s the money
Start travel to cemetery LOL

However there were over 130 likes on the comment, so the few negative ones were basically ignored by most of the people out there. There were worst ones, but they have since been deleted by the user or admin as people objected to them as they were just spiteful. I then decided to tell everyone how I put my plan together as you need some sort of planning to put my passion into practice.

I am sure some of these negative people took this too literally say quit your job on a Friday and start traveling on Monday. Yes that could be done locally, but my idea is to make a business of taking photographs from around the world and making them available via stock photo libraries and my own web site so they can purchase them for web sites and publications. This business does not happen overnight, I wish it did. There is a lot of hard work and planning before I even took one photograph.



Chapter 1 My Passion – Photography and how it started

Chapter 2 My Passion – Travel and how it started

Chapter 3 How I did it, e.g. Planning/Finances etc

Chapter 4 How to Achieve YOUR Dream

Chapter 5 How I did it, e.g. Planning/Finances etc

Chapter 6 How to Achieve YOUR Dream

Chapter 7 Some Essential & working out what I wanted to do Items that need planning

Chapter 8 Money – How to calculate and raise funds Workbook my examples

Chapter 9 Your workbook

Chapter 10 Summary costs overview

Chapter 11 Are you ready for lift off?

Chapter 12 Last and final Note from me



Nomadic travel photographer, Have camera will travel and currently in Asia for 5 months and next stop South America Month 6 onwards of 2017.

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