Trash Talk Australia

This article I photographed initially when I was in Sydney on a separate walk to take coastal photographs of this area.  However when I got to this Cove/Bay I was horrified to see what was below what looked liked a great little place.

Please come and read it, as it does highlight the plastic pollution we are having in our environment, the cove/bay looks amazing, but what lurks in the water, is horrible.  To make it worse it is an conversation area and is protected.

This has now been published on Seven seas Media web site and the link will take you to this web page.  I have done another 2 articles for this publication and the Nepal one has just been published and will be highlighted in the next post.  The one on the Philippines will be published in March 2018.  I will be contributing to others later in the year, so watch this space and sign up for email updates.

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