Help me save the World from Plastic Pollution

I am a photographer who’s mission is to photograph the worlds ocean & rivers on good and bad terms

I have put together a Indiegogo project so that I can continue to publish the plight of this earth until the people are really sick and tired of me producing photographs and videos of this mess out wonderful, beautiful planet is in. (This may take years, but I am willing to do that).

Please help me in donating some money for this worthwhile project.  I have given up my life in the UK to peruse this full time and not part time.  I cannot do it all on my own, I need your help, not just money, but any contacts you may have, as I only have a few contacts and need more.  So if you can put me in touch with any who could email it, put it on their web site, tweet it or another help this would be appreciated.

The project can be found here

I have done a short video which is included in the above project, but you can view it direct here

I want the worlds beaches, water ways, rivers etc to look like this

Promenade Des Anglais view from the chateaux


I do not want them to be like this – Do you agree?


Just another discarded coffee cup


So are you on board with me, can you help?


Nomadic travel photographer, Have camera will travel and currently in Asia for 5 months and next stop South America Month 6 onwards of 2017.

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