I cannot believe what I have just read

I read this piece this morning and had to reply to it.

Did you know that the oil companies want to produce another 40% more plastic when we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use.  Even out best efforts in clearing up this mess, will be compounded many time due to this action.


Why cannot they take the plastic we already have and make it into a usable product instead of using our limited natural resources to make more unwanted plastic.

I now believe that these executives of these oil companies should be fed a diet of plastic over a month, well that is what our wildlife, and sea creatures are eating thinking it is food!.  They die a horrible death of starvation, as they think the plastic is food.  Please see “The plastic ocean film https://plasticoceans.org    

They will find out what it feels like to eat plastic and get ill.  The they might make some good decisions, but I doubt it.

Also I have just re read the title of the article and they are spending $180 Billion Dollars on this, yes 180,000,000,000, just think of how they could use this money to rid the plastic in the 5 gyres, and put up other projects around the world to rid the world of this plastic waste and get a lot of manufacturing plants to convert to corn starch type biodegrade materials.

If they wanted a tax write off lets do it for the world sake and not the bottom line of these oil companies.

Why don’t I ask the oil companies for a very small percentage to back my new campaign to raise funds to show them what the devastating effect plastic has on the world, lives and wildlife.  So I am looking for around £5-10K Sterling in Dollars this is around $1.4 US to £1 lets say I take the high figure so this make it $14,000 and of 180 billion dollars this is 0.00000000788% but getting this money out of them is like getting blood out of a stone so to speak.  They would not even miss this as I assume they get interest on the money of probably 3% which is 6 Billion per year or 16,438, 356 per day that is 16.438 Million per day and my percentage is 0.000851% of 1 days interest less taxes of course.  i can provide my bank account for that 1 days interest please and see what I do with it around the world.  It will create jobs, get things recycled and we begin to get a grip with the problem we have, now if i had 180 Billion over 10 years, WOW I am sure we would rid all the plastic and have a better planet to live on.

My campaign can be seen here and looks like I will be in work till i die, if they do this.


The photographs just show a small percentage of the worlds problem that I have seen and this is only going to get worse if these companies go ahead.  According to the report it will great new jobs, well then open plants that recycle this stuff we have already and employ scientists etc to find way of getting rid of the plastics or using it in a new ways, so we are not killing the wildlife, the planet and untimely US humans.  We will not a world left to live on if we keep producing at these levels even with out this extra 40%





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