Plastic the Post-Apocalyptic effect

Following on from yesterdays post about the increase of plastic that the oil companies want to give us e.g.40% extra more plastic for the world to consume and probably die from.

I had some dark thoughts over night about this extra plastic we will be drowning in the years to come.  So what will happen?

Well we already know that the fish, sea birds, Whales, dolphins and other sea creatures are already dying from this plastic consumption.  There are animals in Zoos that are dying from this for example the Giraffe in a Indonesian Zoo had around 30 Pounds of plastic in its stomach mainly plastic bags that had floated in to it’s enclosure.

To be honest we do not know the extent of what the food chain is contaminated with plastic toxins and what the long term health problems we may have due to this extra plastic we are all consuming silently.  I have said in the past that it is plastics that will kills us in large numbers and NOT wars.  Perhaps that is what the world leaders want to reduce the population, well OK, but remember the people who have made that decision who ever they may be, you are contaminated as well as the food you eat and the water you drink is full of toxins from the plastics. So are you safe as well?

OK I do not have proof of this as I am not a scientist, but there are plenty of scientists out there who know a lot more on how we are being poisoned by this method they are not letting us know.  WHY, it would cause mass panic and a lot of demonstration to the governments around the world.

What will our world look like after the food stock is either gone or  unsafe for human consumption? Well look to Hollywood and all the Post-Apocalyptic films that are there with Global warming, anarchy for the few that do survive, and we go back to being savages – It can and will happen when the food and water stocks are only just keeping us alive.

So how long do we have on this earth if we go the way we are doing with all the contamination of the plastics, toxins and other chemical things that the world produces on a daily basis.?  Well I believe within 30 years the population will be a lot sicker than now, and that is if we do not get our act together.  The seafood chain will be broken beyond repair as they say by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. So that food chain has gone, and that is only 32 years time it will go in the blink of an eye.

It is not OK for a country to say that we rid certain kinds of plastics by 2030, well that is 12 years away and many hundreds of thousands of people are going to get sicker than they are now that means more pressure on Doctors and hospital with unexplained illnesses.  We need some radical action in the next 3-5 plus years.  So Governments, large corporation of the world get your cheque book out we need the money to save us Humans and this planet.  So what happens in say 50 years time if we do not do anything, certain 3rd world countries will probably no longer exist, due to they are unable to rid their land of contaminated materials of what ever they may be.


From the last post the oil companies are going to spend $180,000,000,000 on an extra 40% extra plastic production, that we do not need, let us use that money to clean up the world with urgency.  Yes you can still get a tax break on the money, so you will not loose out.  However people and the planet will say thank you.

Don’t believe that 1-2 million £/$/€ will bet rid of the problem we need to spend in a lot bigger numbers (Many Billions), make tax breaks for businesses who go over to full biodegradable (the real stuff and not sudo stuff).  We can generate more new jobs as we have to design and manufacture this new earth friendly material.  Plus we have to really think of ways to get rid of this plastic in society, there are a lot of small scale ideas, and we need some of that 180 Billion dollars to make it happen.  We need to bring the WHOLE world together and get this problem sorted out.

I recently watch the Chasing corals film where 1/3 of the worlds corals have died due to us being stupid with chemicals/climate etc, now if we apply this to the world population of approx  7.5 Billion people that means 2.5 Billion people would have died 2,500,000,000 Where do we bury them due to our over use of plastics and toxins in our every day life?.

If this was an sickness e.g. Black death, Small pox or Bird Flu etc the World Health organization would have declared a world wide emergency to get this problem sorted out.

This is a world wide epidemic and we do need a WHOLE WORLD SOLUTION and not small scale ideas.

Think of it another way, lets wipe off New York, London etc well that might kill 20-30 million if we ever come to a nuclear war, so that is less than 0.00004%  (I hope my math’s is OK on that)  . So again big wars will not wipe us out, its PLASTIC as I have said all along.

Lets look ahead 50 years to the year 2068 What will life be like, I shudder to think, but I think these photos might be what you are looking for in Post-Apocalyptic plastic world.  Barren and lifeless, such a shame, more can be found at

This could really happen, if we do not act NOW with amazing ideas and actions
































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