About me

Selling stock photography and accepting commissions for my photography from my travels around the world.  Currently on a world trip for 2017 taking in Asia,  So far I have been to Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and  Nepal then Sri Lanka, Tiomen Island, Australia and Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia.  I will also be blogging on Environmental problems as I come across them, especially anything to do with plastics in our Eco system.

I was an engineer who was fed up with the 9-5 routine and lack of job prospects, so turned my my passion of photography and travel into a business, it took 9 months of planning and a 38 page business plan, but well worth all the effort, as I am now in my dream job.

Take a look at my photos on www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com

I also cover sporting events which are water related e.g. sailing, windsurfing, jet skis, Zap Cats.  Commissions for sport or travel photography by negotiation.  Published Photographer and Member of the Sports Journalist Association.