My Travel Plans

This is an important one to watch as I will updating this with news of where I am going, what I am doing etc.

On the 11th August I will fly to Jakarta Indonesia for a short visit to see a few things and plan my next possible trip there as there are a few things I want to photograph like the newly painted village.

The on the 18th August I will be in New Zealand, staring in Auckland for a week ish, the not sure exactly where I will be going yet, need to find that out when I get there, I have ideas, but need real local info first. I will be in New Zealand till the 3rd week in September.

October I fly to Nepal to help out the “All Hands Group” to help rebuild some houses, classroom and community centers int he earthquake devastated region of Sindhupalchowk . So internet is a little limited as I am on the side of a mountain, but will try to answer emails ASAP and I do have one day off each of the weeks, so will catch up then. I will try by best to answer emails in a timely manner, but do not know the exact internet coverage I will have in this village.

7th November I am heading to Melbourne and Geelong and possibly Sydney for 2-3 weeks.

So that brings us to around the end of November 2017. Where I am going after that I am not sure, but I have a feeling it is back to New Zealand for Christmas/New year.


I am open to offers of photo trips to go and photograph something for you, as there a little wiggle room in some of those dates, but please email me to discuss terms and what is needed etc. When I get to New Zealand and Australia I can change my itinerary quite a lot, so if you want a new images of x or y please let me know and I will see if I can do something for you.

Thank you



Updated 9th August 2017 and is subject to change without notice